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C-Safe was my constant companion on a 3,000 mile cycle ride around the coast of Europe. Security of essential valuables was a major planning worry. I was amazed at the watertight qualities of C-Safe. It went in the sea every day and was just perfect.

Ms Roma Brookes, Leigh-On-Sea

C-Safe proved to be perfect for our use, totally waterproof; ideal for keeping valuables and safety equipment - both in and out of the water.

RLSS (UK), Lifeguard unit - RLSS Rescue Craft

We use the C-Safe in the boatyard and on the water for our valuables, they have stood up to constant rough treatment yet they are totally waterproof. I also use mine to keep medication safe and dry. We keep a stock of C-Safes as loan equipment for those youngsters who need inhalers, insulin or chocolate: Lifesavers in numerous ways.

Mr Tony Newhall, RYA Instructor Christian Youth Enterprises



To open and close: apply pressure with thumb and gently lever the latch


To fit the seal: stretch your seal over the back of the lid. Ensure the seal is inserted curve side first into the groove


To fit your belt: with sewn side facing you, feed the buckle through the guides at the back of your C-SAFE